Creative Evangelism - We will embark on a journey to share the love of Christ and connect with others by discovering new and exciting ways to evangelize, foster creativity, and grow in faith.

Culinary - Are you passionate about the joy of sharing food with others? Join us to plan cooking adventures, foodie field trips and Culinary Outreach events while building lasting friendships.

Fitness_Women - Do you desire to lead a healthy lifestyle? Join the Fitness Life Group where we're dedicated to fostering a community of individuals committed to physical well-being.

Game Night - Adults - Our Life Group for Adults will combine the joy of gaming with the warmth of fellowship to create memorable evenings filled with friendship.

Game Night - Families - Games have the ability to unite families, foster communication, teamwork, and joy. Join whether you're a seasoned board game enthusiast or a family looking for community.

Love Yourself - In this Life Group we will explore self-care practices, build meaningful connections, and empower ourself and others to prioritize mental wellness.

Personal Development - God has bestowed each of us with unique gifts, talents, and skills, and it is our responsibility to not only discover them but to cultivate them.

Teen Life Group - This Life Group is a place where teens can come together to strengthen their relationship with God, explore their faith, and build connections with like-minded peers.

Great Outdoors - Come let’s explore our great outdoors as we hike, go on horseback and maybe even cycle together and also connect with each other.

Online Life Group - Join our online Life Group that meets through zoom. For those who can’t join the other Life Groups because of proximity.

Women in Business - Join other women who are interested in business or are business women.

The Revive Women's Inspirational Book Club - Join us as we celebrate our own authors here at Revive and connect through the books we read. Come let’s read together!